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Bananabelt Business & Culture School
176A Christina Street North,
Sarnia, ON,
N7T 5T9

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Personable Training

Like our training, the name BananaBelt has staying power, it sticks. You can test this if you like. Try to forget the name BananaBelt now....


Offices in Canada and Cambodia, associates all over the world.

BananaBelt is an influential player in the areas of Diversity, Cultural Awareness and Cross-Cultural training in Southern Ontario, Canada. We are a well known resource for corporate training in the area.


Soft Skills, Culture and Business English Training

BananaBelt Culture & Training has established presence in Canada and Cambodia for in-country Cross Cultural skills and Inter-Cultural Skills training to empower westerners bridging to South and South East Asia and to help Asian workers to bridge their culture to various western cultures. Additionally, we maintain close ties with training associates in Thailand, Bombay, and Shanghai (as of May 2013) to provide contiguous service to our key accounts.



Multi-cultural Teamwork Skills for Technical Professions

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Multi-cultural Teamwork Skills for Technical Professions - training and workshop (certificate)

This is our flagship course. We have helped hundreds of technical professionals to master the art of working in multicultural teams.

We have trained people from Singapore to cross the cultural barriers between Singapore, Canada, Germany and USA. Many Canadians have had the benefit of our training to successfully navigate the technical cultural waters of China, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, India, Malaysia and East Europe—to mention only a few examples.


Western corporations that are involved in Chinese technology transfer programs learn very quickly that one of their best investments in the venture is proper cultural training aimed at technical professionals and team work. Many examples are available of large corporations that have lost, or will lose money if the technical workforce is not well prepared to work with technical people in the host country.


Typically, technical professionals are fascinated with their work and field of study which is far removed from the “soft skills world” of sales, HR and admin. Technical training courses at college and universities around the world offer very little in terms of studies in the humanities. For this reason, technically minded professionals typically have less exposure to, and therefore less opportunity to learn the finer skills of navigating the generation gaps and culture divide that is today an integral part of our corporate lives.


We created our training courses in response to (sometimes frantic) calls from multinational corporate clients asking for urgent help. All too often, our first job is to help put out some fire before we can custom make a course to address their needs. Fortunately, many corporations are now adding to their training budgets to address these needs. Over the past few years we have seen how HR is given more and more access to the executive process in corporations, and their voice of wisdom about “soft skills” training needs are received with more conviction that say, in 2010.


BananaBelt’s course Multi-cultural Teamwork Skills for Technical Professions makes use of ~ 12 videos, ~ 100 PowerPoint slides, graphs, tables, data presented in a way familiar to technical professionals, and hands-on workshops. If preceded by the 1-day course in Cultural Awareness and Cultural IQ, the course Multi-cultural Teamwork Skills for Technical Professions can be customized for your company, the level of personnel and the target culture to be presented over 1 day.


We are comfortable to take our course to any location anywhere in the world. The only barrier is that the course must be presented in English language. We are also comfortable working with delegates who use English as a 2nd language. In fact, about 40% of our programs are presented to ESL personnel.


This course is designed and presented by our CEO, Jean du Plessis, a seasoned interculturalist (degrees in World Religions and HR) with more than 20 years experience having worked in Southern and Northern Africa, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, UK, India, China and Cambodia. Jean's base is in Ontario, Canada. Jean specializes in helping corporations and divisions within corporations to create and maintain a culturally aware workplace culture where all staff members are attuned to the skills required for intercultural interaction.


Contact Adele today to reserve a slot in our schedule, to give you more information and a quote.

+1 519-336-1836