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Bananabelt Business & Culture School
176A Christina Street North,
Sarnia, ON,
N7T 5T9

+1 (519) 336-1836


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Personable Training

Like our training, the name BananaBelt has staying power, it sticks. You can test this if you like. Try to forget the name BananaBelt now....


Offices in Canada and Cambodia, associates all over the world.

BananaBelt is an influential player in the areas of Diversity, Cultural Awareness and Cross-Cultural training in Southern Ontario, Canada. We are a well known resource for corporate training in the area.


Soft Skills, Culture and Business English Training

BananaBelt Culture & Training has established presence in Canada and Cambodia for in-country Cross Cultural skills and Inter-Cultural Skills training to empower westerners bridging to South and South East Asia and to help Asian workers to bridge their culture to various western cultures. Additionally, we maintain close ties with training associates in Thailand, Bombay, and Shanghai (as of May 2013) to provide contiguous service to our key accounts.




Speak Like a Native

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Advanced English Conversation Classes

This course is aimed at students with academic English language levels 1 to 4

This is an intensive, fast paced course. It helps international students and expat employees on assignment in Canada to quickly change the way they speak English.

Learn to speak with confidence, good conversation skills and proper pronunciation: You have done a lot of English language theory, but your pronunciation and confidence is not good. Also, you want to learn to use the language in the way that locals speak. Every student, in every class will speak English loud and clear with guidance to perfect pronunciation, starting on day one.

We do not do language theory because you have already learned that at school and college. We concentrate on speaking, talking with confidence, local native use of the language and local slang in everyday use by people of this community.

Professional Course: This is a professional course designed for corporate employees on foreign assignment in Canada. This is NOT like the usual ESL courses available (even for free!) in many centers. This is an expensive, high impact course that makes remarkable changes in how you speak English in a very short time.

Conversation skills: Conversation skills are not all about vocabulary or technical knowledge of the language. You need to know something about how English is used in the local cultural context. You need the confidence that this course will teach you. You need to be comfortable to speak basic words that you already know, loud and clear. You need to know the local slang and terminology, which you will learn very quickly in this course.

Instructors: The instructors for this course are professional corporate trainers who have trained hundreds of corporate delegates and college students in this technique over the past five years. Students should not expect high school or college-style tuition. Our courses are designed for maximum impact. It requires a real desire to learn new skills as quickly as possible.  

Format: 2-hour sessions. Multimedia presentations and exercises. Public speaking for each and every student, every session. Homework assignments focused on learning pronunciation and conversation skills.

Guarantee: If your speaking, confidence and pronunciation do not show remarkable improvement after 3 sessions, you get your money back.

Duration: Minimum 2 sessions per week. We can adapt the schedule to suit the needs of a particular group of 5 to 10 people. Maximum of 5 sessions per week. You need time for out-of-class practice.

Start dates and times: We start a new group every month. Some groups meet during working hours, other groups meet from 6 to 8 in the evening.

Location: 176A North Christina Street

Class size: Size of class is limited to maximum 10 students, minimum 5 students. The ideal class size is 10 persons.

Cost: $20 per session

Sign up: Contact Adele at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 519-336-1836