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Bananabelt Business & Culture School
176A Christina Street North,
Sarnia, ON,
N7T 5T9

+1 (519) 336-1836


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Personable Training

Like our training, the name BananaBelt has staying power, it sticks. You can test this if you like. Try to forget the name BananaBelt now....


Offices in Canada and Cambodia, associates all over the world.

BananaBelt is an influential player in the areas of Diversity, Cultural Awareness and Cross-Cultural training in Southern Ontario, Canada. We are a well known resource for corporate training in the area.


Soft Skills, Culture and Business English Training

BananaBelt Culture & Training has established presence in Canada and Cambodia for in-country Cross Cultural skills and Inter-Cultural Skills training to empower westerners bridging to South and South East Asia and to help Asian workers to bridge their culture to various western cultures. Additionally, we maintain close ties with training associates in Thailand, Bombay, and Shanghai (as of May 2013) to provide contiguous service to our key accounts.



Well rounded solutions for your company

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You want your best worker on that important foreign assignment. It is hugely expensive. Typically, a foreign assignment costs from several hundred thousand dollars to more than a million.

A few thousand dollars spent on international assignment assesment, pre-assignment training and transferring intercultural skills BEFORE the assignment and regular meetings with an expat coach, is the only way to ensure the success of an assignment for the company and do due diligence for the employee's psycho-social welfare.

We can do all of that for you. When we take on an assignment, we provide the assignee with a well rounded service and the company receives regular, honest and candid feedback.

Our training courses are best-in-class and very effective but a single course is not sufficient to ensure the continued success of a crucial assignment. Humans are complex beings with developing needs. Appoint us to manage a well rounded service to your assignee; its not just due diligence, it illustrates that you care about the assignee, his/her family's mental health and the team on the other end.

Your assignee is the best person for that particular job, no doubt, but s/he is no superhuman. It is one type of stress to change one’s environment; sleep in a different bed, hear foreign languages and accents all the time, changing one's diet, sports and recreation, missing family, etc. That stress alone is enough to negatively impact productivity of any person.Every worker needs specialised support to ensure success under these conditions.

Even the smallest of cultural differences make a huge impact. For example, when working with Canadian staff, typically American managers are bad for morale and productivity because their workplace ethics, communication style and ideas of politeness are different.

We do a lot of work in this area because many a good American manager have broken many a good Canadian team and cost their company millions. And the converse is true as well. Imagine the impact when moving someone from Europe to South East Asia!

The company may have sent their best employee on the assignment to work with their best in the foreign location, but if things go wrong the company stands to lose not only the assignee but the team, corporate culture, productivity, and perhaps the project or the contract.

When workers are not provided with the right support, skills, and training required to make intercultural relations work well, the company can (at best) only be surprised if the project does not fail. The collateral damage to a failed assignment is frightful to calculate. Companies often lose more than just the purpose of the assignment. Often there are future losses because of reluctance to buy-in on company ideas, companies often lose more than one staff meber and many a time destination teams become broken or disillsioned.

Companies must be proactive. Once there is damage in a group it is more costly (sometimes impossible) to repair. The company may even lose key workers, at a replacement cost of several hundred thousand dollars, millions in some instances.

Contact our CEO, Jean du Plessis

Offices: Sarnia, Lambton County training centre