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Bananabelt Business & Culture School
176A Christina Street North,
Sarnia, ON,
N7T 5T9

+1 (519) 336-1836


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Personable Training

Like our training, the name BananaBelt has staying power, it sticks. You can test this if you like. Try to forget the name BananaBelt now....


Offices in Canada and Cambodia, associates all over the world.

BananaBelt is an influential player in the areas of Diversity, Cultural Awareness and Cross-Cultural training in Southern Ontario, Canada. We are a well known resource for corporate training in the area.


Soft Skills, Culture and Business English Training

BananaBelt Culture & Training has established presence in Canada and Cambodia for in-country Cross Cultural skills and Inter-Cultural Skills training to empower westerners bridging to South and South East Asia and to help Asian workers to bridge their culture to various western cultures. Additionally, we maintain close ties with training associates in Thailand, Bombay, and Shanghai (as of May 2013) to provide contiguous service to our key accounts.



Interculturalist Coaches

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Appoint an interculturalist coach to work with your assignee over the long term. The coach’s job starts before departure and most often ends after repatriation.

A coach is not only a well-trained interculturalist but also understands corporate culture, HR, international travel, global mobility matters and above all, human nature.

Coaches are great sound boards and counsellors. They are armed with insight and bags full of tips, tricks and methodologies that make international assignments and repatriation successful.

One powerful aspect about a third-party professional coaches is that they are exactly that, third-party professionals, outsiders where confidentiality is eased and company politics do not influence the relationship.


Expats or assigness may sound-board to an external professional at any level. This professional is not in a position to negotiate contracts or additional benefits for the assignee, and will therefore not be encumbered with that aspect. Some companies, however, prefer that coaches work through particular channels whether they be a global mobility service provider, the company's HR, or other contact persons within the company. Many companies prefer for coaches to work in an environment where assignees are assured of full confidentiality. There are many options, and we can help you find a solution within your company's policy.

It has happened in the past that we find it more expedient for a coach to sub-contract associates in the remote location. This may have certain cost benefits and could be beneficial to better integrate an expat into the remote community. All along, however, we remain responsible for the project and report as such.

Give us a call to help design a solution.

Our training facilities in Sarnia, Ontario are available for your local training requirements.