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Bananabelt Business & Culture School
176A Christina Street North,
Sarnia, ON,
N7T 5T9

+1 (519) 336-1836


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Personable Training

Like our training, the name BananaBelt has staying power, it sticks. You can test this if you like. Try to forget the name BananaBelt now....


Offices in Canada and Cambodia, associates all over the world.

BananaBelt is an influential player in the areas of Diversity, Cultural Awareness and Cross-Cultural training in Southern Ontario, Canada. We are a well known resource for corporate training in the area.


Soft Skills, Culture and Business English Training

BananaBelt Culture & Training has established presence in Canada and Cambodia for in-country Cross Cultural skills and Inter-Cultural Skills training to empower westerners bridging to South and South East Asia and to help Asian workers to bridge their culture to various western cultures. Additionally, we maintain close ties with training associates in Thailand, Bombay, and Shanghai (as of May 2013) to provide contiguous service to our key accounts.



English Language & Western Culture Training Program

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The Better Way to Learn a Language and Culture is by Immersion

BananaBelt is proud to announce its improved and innovative Culture & Language Training Centre in Sarnia, ON. These 4-week and 12-week programs transfer North American everyday and workplace culture, and English language skills in the most intensive program of its kind.


Our program combines several key training elements into one intensive program. We combine the boot-camp concept with total immersion for no less than ten hours per day over a 12-week period. Attendees receive 180 class hours technical language instruction, a total of 740 hours facetime with advanced degree qualified professional trainers, and participate in 45 research projects that are presented in writing and orally, including 120 hours of multimedia participative instruction. Attendees live-in with their trainer(s), making it a 24-hour immersion program.


All factors considered, our course offers about 800 hours of instruction in real life, spoken and written English. Proper pronunciation is important. Attendees leave the program not only with widely improved vocabulary but their pronunciation will greatly improve communication. To assist in inculturation and translation of nuances in the English language of North America, attendees receive many hours of cross-cultural training.

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Entry requirements to the program are based on the temperament and emotional maturity of the attendee and not on her/his English language ability. People from most age groups do well in this program but motivation and dedication is the key to success. Mature and motivated attendees get the most out of the program. It is a very challenging twelve weeks and can be taxing on one's psyche because of the overwhelming immersion in the foreign language and culture.Corporate executives and motivated college / university students from Asia are our star pupils, probably because they push themselves harder.

Our results are amazing. Results differ from one person to another but never cease to amaze us (as trainers) and the friends and family of the students. What we see after three months is a total makeover and even an increase in confidence, power of persuasion and charisma in students that even their family members find refreshingly astounding.

Fees include accommodation and one meal per day, plus the social and educational field trips to Niagara Falls and Tontonto, etc. (all included). This unique training solution is made even more attractive by its price. The course in Canada is more cost effective than if you were to purchase it in China. In mainland China, with graduated professional educators and trainers, over 700+ hours and all the other training included in these courses, you will pay no less than $17,000 USD. Here, in Sarnia, because of our unique accommodation and immersion plan we can offer the courses to small classes of maximum 10 people at a time (ensures that you get the maximum face time with tutors) at far less (40% to 50% less) than it would cost elsewhere.

Contact our CEO, Jean du Plessis for enquiries and to reserve your placement ahead of time. We take only ten students per course!