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eTrak Training Compliance


Effortless Compliance

eTrak, by Workplace Compliance Services solves the employer’s problems associated with tracking workplace compliance training, certifications, recertification schedules and always having up to date paperwork.

Available 24/7 online, access from anywhere

eTrak lives online and is available 24/7 to report each and every worker’s current certifications and upcoming training requirements.

Always Up To Date

Satisfy an inspector’s enquiries immediately with eTrak’s comprehensive reporting and each employee’s photo ID card that lists all current certifications. No more scrambling for paperwork and work stoppages.

Automated Email Updates and Notices

eTrak is very cost efficient. For a few dollar per month every training, every certification for every employee is tracked. Employers receive automated monthly reports that alert for upcoming recertification requirements and training expiry dates. Employers use eTrak to negotiate cost-effective group training rates by bundling not only their own employees but optionally group with other training courses in the area.

Saves Money

eTrak pays for itself in admin costs, and saves money on decreased work stoppages, not to mention how important a role eTrak plays should there be an accident or investigation.


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