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Bananabelt Business & Culture School
176A Christina Street North,
Sarnia, ON,
N7T 5T9

+1 (519) 336-1836


List of Soft Skills Courses

Links to Soft Skills Courses

We are working to complete all the links, thanks for your patience (March 28 to April 4)

The following soft skills and cultural training courses are available at our training center in Sarnia, Ontario or on-site at your workplace. Please contact Adele for more information and scheduling.

arrow Anger Management
arrow Assertiveness And Self-Confidence
arrow Attention Management
arrow Basic Bookkeeping
arrow Body Language Basics
arrow Budgets And Financial Reports
arrow Business Ethics
arrow Business Etiquette
arrow Business Acumen
arrow Business Writing
arrow Change Management
arrow Civility In The Workplace
arrow Learn Coaching And Mentoring
arrow Communication Strategies
arrow Conflict Resolution
arrow Creative Problem Solving
arrow Critical Thinking
arrow Customer Service
arrow Delivering Constructive Criticism
arrow Diversity in the Workplace
arrow Master your EQ: Emotional Intelligence Course
arrow Employee Motivation
arrow Employee Recruitment
arrow Business English language training for Corporate Expats
arrow Facilitation Skills
arrow Generational Diversity: Mixing and Managing four generations in the workplace
arrow Hiring Strategies
arrow Harassment & Violence in the Workplace (understanding the legal view)
arrow Interpersonal Skills
arrow Knowledge Management
arrow Learn the Art of Leadership And Influence: be regarded as a natural leader
arrow Manager Management
arrow Managing Workplace Anxiety
arrow Measuring Results From Training
arrow Meeting Management
arrow Middle Manager
arrow Negotiation Skills
arrow Office Politics For Managers
arrow Organizational Skills
arrow Overcoming Sales Objections
arrow Performance Management
arrow Personal Productivity
arrow Presentation Skills
arrow Project Management
arrow Proposal Writing
arrow Public Speaking
arrow Respectful Workplace 1
arrow Sales Fundamentals: the key to all success in any business. Learn to sell like a pro
arrow Social Media In The Workplace
arrow Stress Management
arrow Supervising Others: Learn the art of the Supervisor
arrow Teamwork And Team Building
arrow Telework And Telecommuting
arrow Time Management
arrow Train-The-Trainer: Learn the skills of the professional trainer
arrow Virtual Team Building And Management
arrow Work-Life Balance
arrow Workplace Diversity
arrow Workplace Violence and Harassment
arrow Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
arrow Internet Marketing Fundamentals
arrow Marketing Basics
arrow Social Intelligence